Valheim Cart is used for extra storage and to help transport materials with high weight. Going on a distant logging or mining trip, but cringe when you think about added weight and a small inventory?

No problem!

Take a cart with you and be a master of both ore and wood! Mighty bag is here in the form of a humble cart. 🙂


Valheim Cart Benefits:

  • 18 extra Inventory Slots
  • No weight limits! Carry logs like a robust blue troll!!
  • Aquire early on in your Valheim adventures, in the Black Forest Biome
  • You can still defend yourself from enemies while pulling a cart. Pesky Necks!

Valheim Cart Challenges:

  • Cart can be damaged and break. Be careful with the precious!
  • Cart will slow down more with heavier loads.
  • Cart slows down with steep inclines. (have your Hoe equipped to level the ground)
  • Cart will not roll over large rocks and gets stuck in rough terrain. Scout the terrain and plan ahead!
  • Cart will drag you down with it on very steep inclines. (Run uphill to prevent this.)


Valheim Cart Recipe

Cart Crafting Step by Step

Here is a quick reference for all the steps required in order to craft your own cart.


  • Defeat the Meadows boss Eikthyr and obtain Hard Antler
  • Craft an Antler Pickaxe at a Workbench
  • In Black Forest, find and mine 1 Tin and 2 Copper
  • With a Hammer, build a Forge and Smelter
  • Craft 1 Bronze at the Forge with 1 Tin and 2 Copper
  • With 1 Bronze, craft 20 Bronze Nails at the Forge, which unlocks the cart recipe.
  • Gather 20 Wood.
  • Cart is found under the Misc tab with your Hammer equipped.
  • Select the cart and left-click to place it in the location you wish. Careful! If placed on a hill, it will roll down.

Cart Recipe:

  • 10 Bronze Nails
  • 20 Wood
  • Workbench

Prerequisite Items:

  • 1 Bronze
    • 2 Copper
      • 2 Copper Ore
    • 1 Tin
      • 1 Tin Ore
    • Smelter
      • Stone x 20
      • Surtling core x 5
  • Forge
    • Stone x 4
    • Coal x 4
    • Wood x 10
    • Copper x 6
  • Workbench


Cart Damage & Repair

  • Carts are damaged by running over rough terrain like rocks
  • Carts can’t be destroyed by the Hammer
  • Carts that are completely destroyed will leave your items in crates that you can collect
  • Repair your cart with the Hammer
    • You can repair the cart while it is still connected to you or disconnected
    • Equip Hammer [Press 1-8], face the Cart, you will see a Durability bar, then press LMB
    • Repairs are free


Cart Crafting Step by Step Detailed

Start thinking about your cart after you have defeated the first boss in Meadows.

When you defeat Eikthyr, he will drop Hard Antler, which is used to craft your very first pickaxe.

—- WIP —- more coming soon!