Valheim Tasty Mead is a consumable drink that greatly increases Stamina Regeneraton, while slightly lowering Health Regeneration.

Tasty Mead Stats:

  • +300% Stamina Regeneration
  • -50% Health Regeneration

In other words, Tasty Mead triples the speed that you would normaly regenerate Stamina, while you are resting. Resting means you aren’t doing something that normaly consumes Stamina, like sprinting or combat.

But notice the debuff it also inflicts! Lets see how Tasty Mead performs and if it’s worth the cost.

Valheim Tasty Mead

Tasty Mead Recipe

There are a total of three different ingredients required to create Tasty Mead.

  • 10 Honey
  • 5 Blueberries
  • 10 Raspberries

Is Tasty Mead Worth Making?

Let’s be honest, we can craft a BUNCH of different things in Valheim, each having a different purpose and process of creation.

One of the crafting stations that we can make in the game is known as the Fermenter. The Fermenter allows players to create an abundance of different assortments of meads (or potions) that will help us beat the five bosses in the game.

Almost all of the potions in the game are named after what they do, such as the Frost-Resistance potion, which will give you an innate resistance to frost damage, or the Minor Healing potion which will restore a small amount of health on your character.

However, this guide will be researching the one potion, which doesn’t really tell you what it is, and hides in a mist of vagueness; the Tasty Mead!

Sounds delicious! But lets see if its worth the effort!

Valheim Fermenter

Make Tasty Mead

Tasty Mead is just like any other potion or mead in the game, so in order to create it you will first need to acquire the Fermenter crafting station in the game.

Once you have acquired the Fermenter crafting station in Valheim, you will need to now look for the ingredients important to create the base of the Tasty Mead.


Raspberries are a super lightweight food item which can be used to create many kinds of potions.

Once picked, the berries will spawn again after 300 minutes.

Be careful not to plant any structures near your berries, as that might halt their growth.

What if I Destroyed My Raspberry Bush?

Currently, there is no way to replant Raspberry bushes, so once they are destroyed, they will not spawn back up again.

The good news is that Raspberry bushes are plentiful in the forests of the Meadows biome.

Valheim Raspberries


Blueberries are exactly like Raspberries, as they are also a super lightweight food item which can be used to create many kinds of potions.

Once picked, the berries will spawn again after 300 minutes.

They can be most commonly found in the bushes of the Black Forest biomes. This is the prime spot to find Blueberry bushes.

You can find Blueberries outside of Black Forest, but they are more rare.

Blueberries are sometimes found in barrels outside of Ruined Towers.

Valheim Blueberries


Honey is one of the most potent food items in the game, and can be found around the world of Valheim in different spots, but typically in beehives.

Honey is the strongest food item in the game, providing the most health regeneration out of all of the foods that are available in Valheim, at a solid rate of 5 HP per tick. As a food it also gives 20 health and 20 stamina restoration, so keep some on you if you ever seem to be running out of health potions.

One draw back, is that it has the shortest duration of only 300 seconds, which makes it useful yet not quite in longer battles. It’s a required item to create the Tasty Mead.

Beehives can be found within empty houses across the map. They’re also seen around swamps and muddy areas.

Once you break a beehive, you will receive a queen bee. You can later use the queen bee to create a bee farm of your own at your settlement.

Valheim Beehive in a Ruin


Once you have found the required amounts of all three items in the list, just combine the items and throw them in the Fermenter for 2 in game days. After which the mead will ferment for that time period. As soon as the mead is done fermenting, players will automatically get 6 stacks of Tasty Mead potions on their inventory.

Tasty Mead Benefits & Uses

Upon use, Tasty mead will slow down health regeneration by 50% for 10 seconds and instead raise the stamina regeneration by whopping 300%.

After the 10 seconds of usage is over, players can use another Tasty Mead right afterwards. Most potions have a cool down which limits you from using them again and again, whereas Tasty Mead just doesn’t have one.

Tasty Mead is probably the best in-game tool to get out of scary situations. Most commonly it is used to swim through large bodies of water, run away from a dangerous enemy (or enemies), or get a sneak boost if you’re ever out hunting deer.

It can also be used in every day building situations where stamina is needed; perhaps for planting a garden, or getting some mining done, or even building a house for yourself.

This potion is also INCREDIBLY useful when it comes to the final moments of a boss fight, where the player just needs a sprout of stamina to finish things up.

Troll Hunting: Keep Distance


Should I Stock up on Tasty Mead?

While I can’t say that it’s the most important potion that you could have in the game; it is VERY useful in certain situations.

Stamina is a key part of how we traverse through Valheim’s world. If you ever run out of it, then the Tasty Mead potion has got your back.

Tasty Mead is a fairly easy potion to make, as it uses ingredients that are quite easily found within the game’s world. However if you are looking for a PURELY stamina based potion without the downside of having slowed HP regeneration, you can simply just make yourself some stamina potions


Tasty Mead vs Stamina Mead

Stamina Mead are also quite easy to make and require almost the same ingredients as Tasty Mead:

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Raspberries
  • 10x Yellow mushroom

Minor Stamina Mead restores 80 Stamina at a rapid pace.

However the downside to Stamina potions is that they have a 2 minute cool-down, which can be quite frustrating to deal with when finding a way out of sticky situations.


Sources & Additional Info

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