Valheim Ancient Seed is used to summon the second boss, The Elder. Finding it can be a bit tricky! It only drops from one monster, but you can find it in a few other places as well.

3 Ancient Seed are required by The Elder’s altar in Black Forest.

Valheim Ancient Seed Facts:

  • drops from Greydwarf Brutes
  • found randomly in chests
  • reward for destroying a Greydwarf Nest


Valheim Ancient Seed

Ancient Seed via Greydwarf Brute

Ancient Seed has a good chance to drop from Greydwarf Brutes.


Ancient Seed from Brutes
★ Level Quantity  Drop Rate
0 Star 1 33%
1 Star 2 66%
2 Star 4 100%
Valheim Ancient Seed Drop

Greydwarf Brute Appearance

  • Greydwarf Brute is an elite tree monster and is the largest of all the Greydwarf, besides the Elder.
  • He has dandelion flowers growing out of his head
  • Glowing red eyes

Greydwarf Brute Stats

Greydwarf Brutes are a formidable foe for the unprepared!

Damage Type: Slash


Greydwarf Stats
★ Level HP  Damage
0 Star 150 30
1 Star 300 40
2 Star 450 60
Valheim Greydwarf Brute

Greydwarf Brute Combat

  • He does melee combat.
  • Greydwarf Brute hits for an average of about 20 HP, with no armor.
  • With a full suit of Troll Armor, his damage is reduced by about half


  • Greydwarf Brute Resistances:
    • Vulnerability: Fire
    • Resistance: Poison
    • Immune: Spirit
    • Stagger Limit: 50%

Greydwarf Hunting with Fire Damage

When fighting Greydwarfs, sneak up on them and use Fire Arrows with your best bow.

Fire Arrows cause a Burning debuff that lasts 5 seconds.


  • Fire damage ticks once every second.
  • Fire damage doesn’t stack. Shooting new Fire arrows within 5 seconds refreshes the duration.
  • Example Damage: Crude Bow + Fire Arrow (with crouching Sneak damage)
    • 3x Sneak multiplier causes 66 initial Pierce damage from bow + 33 Pierce damage from Fire Arrow
    • 3x Sneak multiplier causes 66 Fire damage over 5 seconds. (13.2 Fire damage per tick).
    • Shooting new Fire arrows within 5 seconds refreshes the duration. The tick damage will stay at 13.2 per tick..
Valheim Fire Arrow Craft Recipe

Greydwarf Brute Location

  • Primarily found inside the Black Forest Biome.
  • Increased chance of finding him at night.
  • Sometimes found in other biomes, especially after defeating The Elder.
  • High spawn rate from Greydwarf Nests (see spawner details below.)
Valheim Map of Meadows & Black Forest

Ancient Seed via Greydwarf Nests (Spawners)

Greydwarf Nests (spawners) are found in Black Forest.

When you destroy the nest, you will obtain 1 Ancient Seed.

I recommend you keep the nest alive. They frequently spawn Greydwarf Brutes. If you destroy the nest, it will not respawn and you will have to rely on luck to find more Greydwarf Brutes.

Valheim Greydwarf Nest Spawner

Greydwarf Nest Facts

Nests spawn all 3 types of Greydwarf

  • Greydwarf
  • Greydwarf shaman
  • Greydwarf brute

You will frequently find 3 Greydwarfs at one time waiting outside a nest.

The nest will continuously respawn Greydwarf when you are near.

You can be quickly overwelmed, but you an pull them away to keep the numbers down.

Valheim Greydwarf Lore

Valheim Ancient Seed via Chests

Ancient Seed can also be obtained via discovering a random chest.

Do you feel lucky?

Typical Chest Locations:

  • Dungeons or Crypts in Black Forest
  • Abandoned buildings in all biomes
  • Various Ruins
Valheim Chest inside a Dungeon Crypt