Good news gamers! Valheim can be played with keyboard or a gamepad!

If you’re looking for some shortcuts and tips to make button pressing easier, then this is the guide for you!

Below you will find keyboard comands and controller maps. Have fun!

Play Valheim with Keyboard of Gamepad Controller

Valheim Keyboard Tips & Tricks

SHIFT + LMB on a stack to split it. (When harvesting special wood or ore, split 1 into all inventory slots to keep from picking up unwanted items.)

CTRL + MB: stacks the item from your inventory to opened chests, etc. If there isn’t an open chest, it is thrown to the ground.

SHIFT while using the hoe, levels the ground to the center of the circle it shows. Just clicking with the Hoe equipped levels it to the level of your feet.

Hold “E” to pick up everything on the ground. Hold “E” to fill your kiln or smelter, harvest at the farm, etc.

MMB (Middle mouse button) with the map open, pings it so that everyone can see where you are.

CTRL + F3 removes the user interface for screenshots (removes the HUD or UI)

When splitting a stack, if you click the horizontal slider bar once, then you can use “A” and “D” buttons on the keyboard to increase/decrease item count


Valheim Combat Controls

The majority of combat is accomplished with the mouse. Sheath your weapon to increase run speed while not in combat.

  • Attack – Mouse 1 (LMB)
  • Block – Mouse 2 (RMB)
  • Secondary Attack – Mouse 3 (MMB)
  • Sheath or Equip Weapon – R


Valheim Movement Controls

Movement is restricted by Stamina while sprinting and jumping.

  • Forward – W
  • Turn Left – A
  • Backward – S
  • Turn Right – D
  • Auto-Run – Q
  • Walk – C
  • Sit – X
  • Jump – Space
  • Sprint – Left Shift
  • Sneak – Left Control


Valheim General Controls

  • Use or Pick up Item – E
  • Forsaken Power – F
  • Alternative Placement – Left Shift
  • Inventory – Tab
  • Map – M
  • Zoom Out – , or mouse wheel down
  • Zoom In – . or mouse wheel up
  • F2 – server info window (Ping, FPS, Connections, Players, Port, etc)


Valheim Building Mode Controls

To enter build mode, equip a Hammer.

  • Deconstruct – Mouse 3 (MMB)
  • Build Menu – Mouse 2 (RMB)
  • Prev Build Item – Q
  • Next Build Item – E


Valheim Sailing Controls

Default keyboard commands for using a rudder on a sailboat in Valheim.

  • Lower/Raise Sail – W
  • Left – A
  • Right – D
  • Reverse/Stop – S

Gamepad Controller Mapping

Some controllers allow for attaching a chatpad.



  • Attack: Right Trigger
  • Secondary Attack: Right Bumper
  • Block/Parry: Left Trigger
  • Dodge Roll: Left Trigger + B
  • Sheath Weapon + Shield: Right Stick click
  • Sneak: Left Stick click



  • Sprint: Left Bumper
  • Jump: B
  • Sit: X


General Gameplay

  • Use/Pickup: A
  • Quick Slot Navigaton: D-Pad Left or Right
  • Use Quick Slot: D-Pad Up
  • Forsaken Power: D-Pad Down
  • Map: Menu Button
  • Settings: Start Button
  • Close Window: B
  • Inventory: Y
  • Move item from/to inventory: Right trigger + A
  • Split Stack: Left trigger + A
  • Drop item: Right trigger + A


Build Mode

  • Place Structure: Right Trigger
  • Rotate: LT+Right Thumbstick
  • Toggle Snapping: Left Bumper (Hold Button
  • Remove structure: Right Bumper
  • Build Menu: A
    Xbox Controller

    Controller Map with Labels

    GrumpyG Gaming Mouse Ergonomic Design


    Gamepad Labels Xbox Controller
    1 R Stick 8 Start
    2 D Pad 9 R Trigger
    3 L Stick 10 R Bumper
    4 Back A (green button)
    5 L Bumper B (red button)
    6 L Trigger X (blue button)
    7 Xbox Y (yellow button)