Finding Copper in Valheim can cause a less spirited adventurer to faint! But fear not! This Copper guide will throw some light on copper and where to find it!

Copper Ore is important in Valheim. Smelt it with Coal in a Smelter to make Copper, which is used to make better armor, weapons, and tools.



Valheim Copper Ore & Copper Bar

Copper Deposit Locations

Copper Deposits are only found in Black Forest and can be tricky to locate.

Black Forest is known by darker and more dense groupings of trees on the map.

My first attempt at hunting down Copper left me frustrated, until I realized the Black Forest biome actually continued outside my initial starter area!

After I did some swimming across a larger river, I found Copper Ore.


Copper is found on green mossy-looking stone with bronze viens running on the outside of it.

It will display “Copper deposit” when you place your cross hairs over it.


Valheim Copper Location Example
Valheim Copper Vein

Copper Deposits often run far down into the ground, so dig deep and far and wide! 🙂

Copper Mining Techniques

The primary way to obtain Copper, is to use any type of Pickaxe on it.

Your first Pickaxe, will be the Antler Pickaxe, which you can craft after killing Eithyr and obtaining Hard Antlers from him.


Craft at a Workbench:

  • 10 Wood
  • 1 Hard Antler

One method reported is to cut down all surrounding ground underneath, until all the ore is exposed. When the ore falls, it splits into smaller pieces you can pick up.

Valheim Antler Pickaxe Stats & Recipe

Copper Mining with a Friendly Troll

If you find a troll nearby, you can cut your mining time in half! …or so that tale bearer told us.

His club will break up the Copper Veins for you!

Copper Importance In Valheim

Copper is used in both crafting and building.


  • Crafting:
    • Bronze – combine Copper with Tin at a Forge
    • Copper Knife – next level knife after Flint Knife
      • Pierce:9
      • Slash: 9
      • Backstab: x10
      • Knockback: 10
  • Building:
    • Forge – create and repair items that have metal in their recipes
    • Forge cooler – upgrades Forge
    • Sconce – furniture that gives light within range of a Forge. Holds up to 6 Resin as fuel and lasts about 5.5 hours.


As with most metals in Valheim, Copper is heavy and can’t be teleported.

Get your wagons and warrior boots ready!