Valheim Troll Set is considered one of the best armor sets in the game. The Armor Level is not the best and highest in Valheim, but it’s large Sneak Effect bonus and other benefits, make it highly desirable.

Valheim Troll Set Benefits:

  • +25% Sneak Effect
  • Zero Movement Speed reduction
  • Light Weight
  • Looks super cool!

Troll Set Rankings:

Property Rank
Light Weight ★★★★☆
Armor ★★☆☆☆
Sneak ★★★★★
Frost ☆☆☆☆☆
Movement ★★★★★
Availability ★★★☆☆


Troll set has a fashionable style, giving you an air of mystery and charm, rather than flashy and bold. 🙂

This I prefer when I’m sneaking about and playing a game steeped in Norse mythology!

So, without further ado, let me share my experience obtaining the Valheim Troll Set!

Valheim Troll Set: Side View

Troll Set Stats


Troll Armor Icon Armor Weight Base Crafting Materials
Troll leather pants Troll Leather Pants 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 5 Troll hide x5
Troll leather tunic Troll Leather Tunic 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 5 Troll hide x5
Troll leather helmet Troll Leather Helmet 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 1 Troll hide x5
Bone fragments x3
Troll hide cape Troll Hide Cape 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 4 Troll hide x10
Bone fragments x10
4 Set Bonus: Sneak +25%
  • Total Weight: 15
  • Total Armor: 19 (40 at max quality)
  • Set Bonus: +25% Sneak

The Troll Armor set has some of the best stats in the game. The best part about this set is its +25% Sneak set buff and literally no reduction in movement speed.

Troll Set Sneak & Movement

The Troll Armor set is one of the most unique sets in the game.

No Movement Speed Penalty:

This is the only good armor set in the game which comes with a 0% reduction to movement speed! The Leather Set has this as well, but the stats are inferior.

Is +25% Sneak Effect That Good?

The Troll Set Armor stats aren’t the best, but the main appeal of Troll Set is the set bonus. You only obtain this when you wear all four pieces of the Troll Armor set together.

The Troll Set Sneak modifier increases your overall Sneak skill, which means you will become the quietest and most invisible assasin in the land.

Deer Hunting just got easier! 🙂 I noticed a big difference while hunting Deer in the Troll Set. The Deer seemed truly blind to me, even if I bumped up against them.


Valheim Troll Set: Sneaking on a Deer

    What is Sneak Skill?

    Sneak Skill reduces the amount of stamina used while sneaking by up to 75%.

    • Stamina reduction is non-linear.
    • You will see greater results in lower Sneak Skill levels.

    Sneak skill reduces your visibility to enemies. Visibility takes light and line of site into consideration also, when factoring when an enemy can spot you.

    Valheim Sneak Skill

    View Sneak Skill level by pressing the Tab key and clicking the Skills icon on the top right.

    Valheim Troll Set vs Other Armor Sets

    Choosing which specific armor set you would want to craft in Valheim can be SUPER tricky. You have to take several things into consideration.

    First is the fact that there are seven different armor sets that you can craft in the game, each requiring a different set of materials to craft. Each one also comes with different in-game perks that allow you to customize your play-through to a specific play style that you want.

    There are two ways to craft armors in Valheim. First is the Work bench that you can craft yourself, and the other is a Forge which you can craft later in game. Both of these utility structures in Valheim have specific armor sets that they can create.

    For the Troll Set, you will need a Level 3 Work bench.

    Troll Set Comparison

    Lets put every Valheim Armor Set into a chart to help compare them and see how the Troll Set measures up!

    Tier Armor Set Armor Weight Movement Base Set Materials
    1 Rag Armor
    1 (4 at max quality) 4 0
    • Rag Tunic: 5x Leather Scraps
    • Rag Pants: 5x Leather Scraps
    2 Leather Set
    7 (28 at max quality) 15 0
    • Leather Helmet: 6x Deer Hide
    • Leather Tunic: 6x Deer Hide
    • Leather Pants: 6x Deer Hide
    • Deer Hide Cape: 4x Deer Hide, 5x Bone Fragments
    3 Troll Set
    Troll Leather Tunic
    19 (40 at max quality) 15 Set bonus: +25% Sneak
    • Troll Leather Helmet: 5x Troll Hide, 3x Bone Fragments
    • Troll Leather Tunic: 5x Troll Hide
    • Troll Leather Pants: 5x Troll Hide
    • Troll Hide Cape: 10x Troll Hide, 10x Bone Fragments
    4 Bronze Set
    24 (42 at max quality) 23 -10%
    • Bronze Helmet: 5x Bronze, 2x Deer Hide
    • Bronze Plate Cuirass: 5x Bronze, 2x Deer Hide
    • Bronze Plate Leggings: 5x Bronze, 2x Deer Hide
    5 Iron Set
    42 (60 at max quality) 33 -10%
    • Iron Helmet: 20x Iron, 2x Deer Hide
    • Iron Scale Mail: 20x Iron, 2x Deer Hide
    • Iron Greaves: 20x Iron, 2x Deer Hide
    6 Wolf Set
    61 (82 at max quality) 37 -10% Cape and Chest give Frost immunity
    • Drake Helmet: 20x Silver, 2x Wolf Pelt, 2x Drake Trophy
    • Wolf Armor Chest: 20x Silver, 5x Wolf Pelt, 1x Chain
    • Wolf Armor Legs: 20x Silver, 5x Wolf Pelt, 4x Wolf Fang
    • Wolf Fur Cape: 4x Silver, 6x Wolf Pelt, 1x Wolf Trophy
    7 Padded Set
    79 (100 at max quality) 27 -10%
    • Padded Helmet: 10x Iron, 15x Linen Thread
    • Padded Cuirass: 10x Iron, 20x Linen Thread
    • Padded Greaves: 10x Iron, 20x Linen Thread
    • Linen Cape: 1x Silver, 20x Linen Thread


    Valheim Troll Set

    Is Troll Set Good?

    We can see clearly from the chart that the Troll Set is only a Tier 3 armor set, if you only look at the Armor level.

    But Armor level isn’t going to matter to you if you primarily use your Sneak Skill to attack the enemy!

    Troll Armor is very light weight in comparison to the later tier, heavy armors.

    Troll Set is the best option, if you are primarily interested in manuverability and speed.

    Players who dawn the blue leather set are well practiced at sneak attacks and evading enemy sight.

    If any Viking assasin is spotted by our enemies, they don’t have that extra weight slowing them down!

    Valheim Troll Set Recipe & Ingredients

    Workbench level 3 is required.

    This is a list of all of the items that are required to create the Troll Set:

    • Troll Leather Helmet: 5x Troll Hide, 3x Bone Fragments
    • Troll Leather Tunic: 5x Troll Hide
    • Troll Leather Pants: 5x Troll Hide
    • Troll Hide Cape: 10x Troll Hide, 10x Bone Fragments

    TOTAL INGREDIENTS: 25 Troll Hide and 13 Bone Fragments.


    Upgrade Costs

    UPGRADE COSTS: (for Max Level 4)

    • Troll Leather Helmet: 12x Troll Hide, 6x Bone Fragments
    • Troll Leather Tunic: 12x Troll Hide
    • Troll Leather Pants: 12x Troll Hide
    • Troll Hide Cape: 30x Troll Hide, 30x Bone Fragments

    TOTAL UPGRADE COSTS: (excluding initial creation cost)

    • 66x Troll Hide
    • 36x Bone Fragments


    Valheim Troll Hide Cape

    Troll Hide Grinding

    To acquire all of the ingrediens for crafting and upgrading a Troll Armor set, you need to hunt down a bunch of Trolls. That’s the only way you will find Troll Hide, which is a key ingredient in creating this Armor Set.

    Troll Hide Drop Rates:

    • 0 Star: 5 Troll Hides (100% Chance)
    • 1 Star: 10 Troll Hides (100% Chance)
    • 2 Star: 20 Troll Hides (100% Chance)

    You will need to kill 5 Trolls to make all 4 Troll Set pieces. (the Base, Level 1 version)


    Now to hunt down Trolls, you need to deal with them very carefully, as at the start of the game they can be the most intimidating creatures in Valheim.

    These giant monsters are humongous in size, bigger than some of Valheim’s actual bosses and can deal an immense amount of damage.

    Valheim Troll Hunting



    Troll Hunting Guide

    Finding the trolls isn’t the hardest part. They tend to spawn often around the edges of the Black Forest and are humongous in size, not to mention quite loud and very blue!

    You can just walk around right outside of the forests and you will probably see one spawn soon after.

    The strategy to fighting trolls is never to use brute strength, as they can quickly over power you and kill you within a few hits. Instead, I recommend that you keep your distance at all times from the trolls and keep attacking them with your bow and arrows. This gives you distance to protect you from any attacks and also deals the Trolls a ton of damage.

    Troll Hunting Tip: Keep Distance

    To start off, you should always try to sneak up on them and fire as many arrows at them as you can. After that, the Troll will become aggressive and rush at you. In this moment, you should start walking backwards while still chipping away at its HP with your arrows.

    I recomend that you don’t sprint while he is coming at you! This costs a lot of stamina and can quickly run you out of it.

    Valheim Troll Hunting with Bow



    Valheim Troll Hunting: Keep Distance

    Troll Hunting Tip: Dodge

    Right before the troll is about to attack you, Sprint away and start shooting arrows at the troll again, while moving backwards.

    Keep repeating this cycle, and the troll will most likely be dead within a couple of minutes of your shots.

    Troll Hunting Tip: Environment

    The other potential threat while fighting trolls is that they are huge in size, so they can knock down trees. These trees can in turn fall down onto you and crush you in one hit!

    Because of this, I suggest that you try fighting trolls outside of forest areas, in wider open plains with minimal large-scale vegetation.

    If you’re still having trouble fighting the trolls despite following this strategy, you’re advised to start upgrading your bow and arrow, your armor and also your food and resources to heal up much faster during a fight.



    Valheim Game

    Valheim as a game has become EXTREMELY popular on the PC Platform that it is exclusively available on. The game is a survival and sandbox video game that you can play on your own or with a squad of people, co-op is definitely the best way to enjoy it! Published by Coffee Stain studios, and developed by newcomer Iron Gate Studios; Valheim is taking the world of Twitch by storm.

    Every content creator is playing it, immersing themselves in the beautiful worlds that Iron Gate have created. So, if you’re interested in the game, whether in playing alone or with a party of three.

    I’ve decided to put together a couple of guides that will help make your experience much more productive.